Monday, October 10, 2011

My Thoughts Presented #1

I found alot to compare my work to in the video archives of the Internet. I feel there is a visual enhancement in technology that is evident in my work. Yet emotions relate along with similar editing, framing, technique, and basic visual concepts. Myself repeating audio is similar to the classics. I feel my work has shown symptoms of growing away from Abstract Expressionism, unlike some of the artists presented here. My video travels into a personal journal like videotorical foundation of the self. Low tech, but effective in concepts. Flexing Fluxus. I see myself like a mirror and i can see what was in my mind when creating the video(s). My body and mind captured with my camera(s). Performance of the mundane is evident in my work and an idea deep in my sub-conscious. My mind creates an idea, electronics do the rest. My everything in common sense and dream is brought forth.Stretching/ pushing the limits of what can be done in my 10ft by 10ft room I call home. Performance. Performance. Performance. Comfort and casual, taught and teaching, stumbling, sketching, highlighting. Computers.

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